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Inverted Nipple Correction Risks

It is highly unusual for anyone to experience serious complications from inverted nipple correction, and we have a track record of patients very pleased with our results and who do not encounter any major problems during the actual procedure or the recovery process afterwards. During the initial consultation visits, your surgeon will outline to you all the possible risks of going through with the surgery. After the surgical procedure is completed, we will schedule regular examinations with your surgeon or a member of our nursing staff to monitor your recovery and to deal with any side effects or complications, should they arise, in a timely fashion. 

Aside from the expected post-operation side effects, such as soreness, swelling, bruises, excessive bleeding near the affected area, and a general feeling of tiredness, there are a few significant risks. Temporary numbness or reduction in nipple sensation can happen. Other risks that rarely occur include infection, which is treatable with antibiotics, and improperly aligned nipples. If the nipples happen to be in an abnormal position after the surgery, you can choose to undergo corrective procedures. Finally, there is no guarantee that you will be able to breastfeed after any inverted nipple correction operation, though our team of experienced surgeons will try our best to maintain your breastfeeding potential if you so request.

We are dedicated to minimalising the risks of your surgery and facilitating the most comfortable operation setting and recovery process possible. Again, it is critically important to discuss both the benefits and risks of inverted nipple correction with your surgeon, and weigh your options carefully to arrive at an informed decision about whether to undergo the surgery. Take full advantage of the opportunity we provide for you to speak with previous patients and learn about the benefits and risks of our inverted nipple correction procedure firsthand.