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Inverted Nipple Correction Recovery

The recovery process for this procedure is usually very quick with few side effects, but this is subject to individual variation. Mild discomfort, usually from the nipple brushing your clothing or bra, is a commonly reported side effect. This discomfort may involve soreness around the nipple or a general feeling of tiredness, and there also may be slight bruising and some swelling around the affected area. You may experience temporary numbness or reduction in nipple sensation as well. 

All of these minor side effects are completely normal and will naturally subside after a couple of days or, if you wish, can be alleviated with prescription medication. You will be provided with a comfortable dressing for the affected area that will be removed after 5 to 7 days; at this time, the wound will be gently cleaned and examined to make sure you are recovering well. It is important to keep this dressing dry before removal. It is also highly recommended for patients to wear a soft, padded bra for 2 more weeks after removal of the dressing. After the surgery, you will see firm, pink scars for at least 6 weeks. These scars can stay the same size for a few months and may even take 2 years to fade away completely. 

Most patients are able to return to work after several days or in some cases even the day immediately following the operation. Try to keep with walking and other light activities for the few days after your surgery, and it is best to stay clear of any strenuous activities for 7 to 10 days. If your job involves much physical activity, we suggest that you wait longer before resuming work. On average, it takes around 1 to 2 weeks to recover from surgical inverted nipple correction, and serious complications are extremely rare.

In addition to reporting a quick physical recovery, patients experience almost an immediate psychological change, for the surgically corrected, normally protruding nipple is clearly visible right after the procedure. Instead of feeling insecure, hiding, and being afraid to change during swim or gymnastics classes, in fitting rooms, or even after showering in your own house, patients report amazing physical results as well as a boost in confidence about their self-image.

Despite the fact that in virtually every case, patients feel extremely satisfied with the results of the inverted nipple correction procedure, cosmetic surgery will not automatically make you feel better about yourself. There is no doubt that it will help many people with nipple abnormalities improve their self-image and increase confidence levels, but it will by no means solve all your fundamental psychological and emotional issues. We urge you to keep your expectations realistic and our team ensures that you will be very satisfied with this operation and its results.

After the procedure is finished, we will arrange follow-up visits with your surgeon or a member of our nursing staff after your operation in order to expedite the recovery process and to make sure the affected area is healing properly.