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Inverted Nipple Correction Procedure

Surgical correction of inverted nipples is an incredibly simple and quick procedure that takes only around 15 minutes per side. The entire operation is performed under local anaesthetic and, because it is an outpatient procedure, requires no hospitalization. A small incision is first made on the lower outer border of the inverted nipple, allowing the surgeon access to the milk ducts emerging onto the nipple that cause the inversion. These ducts can then be separated and gently stretched, or divided. The former method keeps the ducts intact, usually making breastfeeding possible after the operation. The latter severs the shortened milk ducts in order to release the nipples, rendering the patient unable to breastfeed but in some cases providing better correction of nipple inversion. Whether your surgeon only stretches the ducts or cuts them altogether depends on the grade of your inversion as well as whether you still wish to breastfeed. Generally, cutting the milk ducts is necessary in more serious cases of nipple inversion whereas simply stretching them out is sufficient in mild to moderate cases.

Once the previously inverted nipple is released from or stretched away from the milk ducts, it is held in an everted position with an internal stitch that is completely absorbable. Your body will naturally melt away this special stitch after the operation. You may experience a few seconds of mild discomfort when the local anaesthetic is first injected, but an anaesthetic cream that numbs the affected area prior to injection can be used to minimalise this sensation.

The result is immediately visible upon successful surgery: your previously pushed-in nipples will be turned out and protruding out of the breast. After this operation, it is very unlikely for the nipples to invert again and you will experience a relatively fast recovery.