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About Us is a team of highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons. As part of Aurora Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, we strive to achieve unsurpassed dedication in our inverted nipple correction and nipple reduction procedures in emphasising both patient satisfaction and what our team believes is best for each individual case. 

In choosing us, you can rest assured that you will be partnering with only the best specialists in the field. Our Surgical Director, Adrian Richards, was awarded the prestigious title of Best Cosmetic Surgeon in the Home Counties by the Daily Mail. The Independent has also recently honoured Mr. Richards as the Best Breast Surgeon in the UK. 

Our extremely qualified team aims to be completely transparent about the services we provide: from the start, you will meet the surgeon who will be performing your operation if you do eventually choose to undergo one of our procedures. You will be informed of the cost, how we believe the procedure will benefit you, and our audited and very low complication rates. Your surgeon will explain the details of the procedure that you are interested in and its recovery time. In addition to presenting our point of view, we will even provide the opportunity for you to discuss our services with previous patients and ask them any remaining questions. For instance, you can ask about why they decided to choose Aurora Clinics for the procedure and how they eventually decided to go through with the operation. You can even ask how they feel right now post-operation and, in retrospect, whether they believe they made the right decision. We understand that through firsthand patient testimonials, you can make an even more informed choice about whether to undergo an inverted nipple repair or nipple reduction procedure with our dedicated team.

Aurora Clinics hopes for you to be completely comfortable with any treatment you undertake and wholly satisfied and happy with the results. Because we recognize how important this decision is to you, we offer a free first consultation with your surgeon. If you are still not absolutely sure that our team will provide you with the best service and care available, or if you are uncertain as to whether our services are right for you, you can even return for a free second consultation. During these visits, you will meet your surgeon who will not only explain the requested procedure, monetary costs involved, recovery, benefits, and possible side effects and complications in detail, but also answer any lingering questions you may have and furnish you with a hard copy of that information to take home.

As leaders who are the outstanding choice for inverted nipple correction and nipple reduction procedures, we have always held a balanced view of our services. It is crucial to be realistic and understand that any cosmetic surgery procedure is no automatic fox to fundamental psychological or emotional issues. As partners in your treatment plan, our team at Aurora Clinics keeps our goal before performing an operation in mind: to offer as much information as possible about all aspects of the procedure and to present our best recommendation for you, but the choice as to whether you wish to undergo the operation rests solely in your hands. We will in no way pressurise you into making a decision.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, our patients know that they have made the right decision, reporting increased confidence and self-esteem after an inverted nipple correction or nipple reduction procedure with our prestigious team. In fact, when more than 63% of our patients are referred through personal recommendation, you know that we are doing something right.