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Nipple Surgery - An Introduction

Welcome to, a part of Aurora Cosmetic Surgery Clinics. We are a highly qualified and dedicated group of cosmetic surgeons specialising in surgical inverted nipple correction and nipple reduction procedures. Our patients have consistently reported “absolutely amazing” results with minimal recovery time and side effects. 

An inverted nipple, often a congenital condition, can create a host of problems for women, both physical and psychological. You may not be able to breastfeed if the nipple is trapped inside a small indentation in the breast and cannot protrude out. Or, if it is flattened and depressed into the breast, it can generate a variety of emotional issues. These may range from feeling insecure about your image to entirely avoiding situations that involve changing clothes when others are around, such as in a gym or pool. There are three grades of nipple inversion, ranging from the least severe (grade one) to the most severe (grade three).

Overly large and projecting nipples or an enlarged areola (the dark skin around the nipple) might instead be your issue. If you find yourself afraid to wear tight-fitting or revealing clothing and even swimsuits for fear of revealing your protrusive nipple or part of your areola, a surgical repair procedure can restore faith in your own self-image. 

Both of these outpatient procedures are simple and quick. Inverted nipple correction is executed by making a small incision near the base of the nipple, allowing your surgeon access to stretch or divide the milk ducts within your breast that attach to your nipple and pull it inwards. Our surgeons perform nipple reduction by removing small wedge-shaped slices of your nipple to reduce its size. Your areola size can be reduced by incorporating a special permanent purse string suture, or stitch, into your areola that limits its size.

Patients tell us that our procedures are “so easy, so simple, so quick, [and] almost pain free.” If you seek to perfect the overall appearance of your breasts, boost your self-confidence, and avoid hiding from public embarrassment any longer, we can transform your inverted nipple, overly protrusive nipple, or excessively large areola to increase its aesthetic value and enhance the beauty of your breasts as a whole. Because inverted and large nipples and areolas are virtually always congenital conditions that occur during development, a permanent solution is often needed. Our services may be the ideal choice for you.

Feel free to browse through details of our services to learn about what we offer. For further information about our services, our team of experts, or to book your free consultation, please do not hesitate to call us at 0800 328 5743. We will be delighted to address your concerns and assist you in any way.